Sunday, April 22, 2007

My little wish list:

This weekend I found myself sitting on the couch just thinking. Nothing specific just a lot of little things that turned into a little wish list that I wanted to share.
  • I wish Barry Bonds gets injured and never breaks Hank Aaron's home run record.
  • I wish my friend Scott Pulcifer (AKA Conrad/Conradical) good luck a few weekends from now on his quest to quench his baseball thirst at the Long Beach Armada tryouts. You will do fine.
  • I wish I had the health to tryout along side Scott.
  • I wish that someone, somehow, could find a way to stop's beginning to run ramped in the streets.
  • I wish I could have the drive to finish school. It just sucks.
  • I wish that one day I can have another dog...I miss you Ben.
  • I wish that every time I look in the mirror that my scalp wasn't so ever more visible (and it's not because of the haircut).
  • I wish that one day the Angels learn how to beat the Red Sox and A's.
  • I wish my old friend Joe would pick his head up out of the sand and show up somewhere.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


  • "Bitches ain't shit but hoe's and trick's. Lick on dee's nutz and suck the dick..."- Snoop Dogg, Multi-platinum Rap artist/Actor(?).
  • "Nappy headed hoe's..."- Don Imus, Shock Jock.
Now, before anyone falls out of their chairs let me set the record here. I'm not defending Imus what so ever. My question is, why didn't anyone flip out when the song I mentioned previously was released by Snoop?

Where was Gloria Allred and all the Reverends? I find these lyrics much more disturbing then what Imus said for one reason: By a show of hands how many people knew who Don Imus was before last week? Okay. And how many have heard of Snoop Dogg? Yeeeeah.

The kids I know love the Rap. Hell, I used to listen to it. That was all I listened to in my early high school days. The kids sing these lyrics like they don't mean anything. They don't see the hate behind the words. Rap has had racist and sexist lyrics for years. Remember the Ice Cube classic "Cave Bitch"off of the Lethal Injection album? It's a song where Ice Cube rips on white women that pursue successful black men.

I have watched black stand up comics on TV tell racist jokes about white people before and no one even looked the other way. I had a comic do almost a complete set right in front of me, using me as an example of how white people still "rule the country and won't give a nigga a break..." and calling me "masta" numerous times. I don't recall anyone calling the news stations or pulling me aside and suggesting that I should contact my local civil rights rep.

I just want to know where the one lane road came from? How is it almost acceptable for a black artist (music, comedy, or movies) to make racial comments and no one looks at it different but the second a white person says something racial the guys endorsements, professional career, and the way he is perceived in society is shattered? Your thoughts.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I Should Sue!

As many know I cut my own hair. I have for years. Just a simple buzz cut at 1/4 of an inch all the way around. I use clippers that have the guard that you clip on to determine how long you want your hair to be. Today I decide to clean the dome up a little. I get half way done and just as I'm making a pass that is right down the middle the guard pops off. "FUCK!" Now I'm at an 1/8th of an inch and I got to wear a hat so my scalp dosen't burn. Someone should pay!! Adam, any legal avenue I can take to make sure this never happens to me or any one else again?

Opening Day 2007

Here's a view from my seat. (notice the heavenly rays of sun)

Here I am with beer 1 of...3?

It's a beaut, ain't it?

Conrad with his ice-cream helmet, Go Halo's!!!

Let's get a few more of these, eh boys? I'm not asking too much.

I don't know if I will have this on my headstone
or blow it up poster-size and hang it on my wall,
but it is a sobering reminder every time I leave
Angel Stadium that I want to come back.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Opening Day

OPENING DAY , SON!! and I got a ticket!! Conrad, John and myself will be at Angel Stadium this Monday night as the 2007 season begins. I cant wait.

Well so much for "writing practice". It's been almost a month since I last posted. I thought about it, I swear. Just nothing came up that warranted my posting it. We had spring training weekend and John has that on his blog. I don't want to just post stuff that I don't think anyone would care about.

I am on vacation for 3 weeks! Working at a year around school has never been better. I just wish I had a better boss and made more money... as I assume we would all want.