Monday, December 21, 2009

2009, Welcome. Now "F" Off!

Happy Holidays everyone! With Christmas and New Years still to come I would like to do a recap of my top 10 stories, 2009 edition.

1. April 4, 2009: My wedding to my beautiful bride. Adding one more to the clan was very special. The weather was beautiful, seeing family and friends all together, and being able to share it with them was amazing. Words could never describe the feelings that I felt on this special day and I hope to never top it...of course if having children tops this, then I can't wait for that.

2. November 9, 2009: The death of my father. From the number 1 spot, which is the happiest, to the number 2 spot, where we all hit rock bottom, this was not only the sadist day of the year, but of my life. I already think about him everyday and wish he was here. Although we didn't talk about much in the latter days we still had the ability to see one another or talk about what the Angels were doing.

I sometimes find myself standing in the garage looking at the tools hanging from the pegboard on the wall or staring at the various knick-knacks collected by him over the last 30 years. Some items triggering memories of when I was a child watching him work on some home improvement task or changing the oil in the car. I feel closer to him when I am in that garage then anywhere else. The funny thing about this is I feel terrible that my father is gone but in the same breath I can say I'm glad that he is gone and no longer in the pain and discomfort he was in. Love you, Dad.

3. April 6-20, 2009: Honeymoon in England, Scotland, and Ireland. This was an awesome trip. One that I will for without a doubt never want to forget and, if given the chance, would do all over in the same fashion.

Armed with only backpacks, passports, and Britrail passes we went off for 2 weeks of unplanned, "let the wind take us where it may", British exploration. I loved it and would love to do it again.

4. May 16, 2009: John and Nicole married! This was a great weekend. Jen and I just 2 weeks back from Britain jump on another plane bound for the great frontier, no not Alaska, South Dakota. Hanging out with good friends is always a plus when it comes to great memories and this one will sure not be soon forgotten. Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, and packing into the cabin for the weekend. The countryside was beautiful and the wedding breathtaking.

5. April 11 (?), 2009: Adam attacks the Japs (again) and the 7th Fleet. My longtime friend told us way back when he wanted to practice law and serve his country. Since the guy couldn't hit a barn door with a shotgun from 20 feet, I thought his second adventure was out of the picture until he joined the U.S. Navy. He graduated law school and already had a spot to fill in the JAG Corps. He now lives somewhere in Japan (his exact whereabouts are top secret). I don't get to talk to him that much but there is always facebook.

6. September 2, 2009: New site. Due to the "leaders'" mismanagement of the budget (I refuse to say otherwise), the Long Beach Unified School District saw fit to pluck me from my school of 3 years where I had established relationships, friendships, and a sense of family among the staff, the students, and members of the surrounding neighborhood and put me at a site where at least in a professional manner gave me the opportunity to see what I am made of. Although I miss my friends terribly (Joe's anyone? Curly's??), I am fortunate to feel like I am now making a difference in the kids live's and not someone who stares out into a parking lot at the front gate.

7. November 25, 2009: Nissan Xterra. Jen and I bought our first major purchase together. Looking into the future and knowing we wanted children we decided on a 2009 Nissan Xterra. It is niiiiiiiiice. We bought it through Carmax and realized that buying a car with 9,200 miles is pretty much like buying it brand new, without the bullshit and wondering for the next month if you got taken to the cleaners. I can't wait for our first road trip or's got 4 wheel drive of course!

8. December 18, 2009: Operation "Jeepers Creepers" ends. I finally finished. The Jeep is back to its original form. Actually, I wouldn't say's better. Painted to its original stone white by Earl Scheib a few weeks ago and a few months before that it received a 2" suspension lift. But, none the less, it is done. On to the next project...

9. December 22, 2009: Surgery on my neck. Many probably don't know, and I'll spare you the details, but I have a cyst that rests on my upper back/lower neck. I'm finally having it removed tomorrow...something I should have done at least a year ago. It doesn't look gross or anything except for the fact it raises my skin. My only concern is how close it is to my spine, and how many baby aliens they pull out.

10. December 21-31, 2009: Ten days until this year is gone...forever.