Monday, March 5, 2007

Over The Weekend.

It was a wonderful weekend and I was sorry to hear the alarm go off this morning at 6:00 am sharp. I wanted to throw it through the wall, but I knew my arm wouldn't let me do that without blacking out in pain...but then again, I would have technically been going back to sleep, so that would have been a good thing. Damn!
We had the daft on Saturday, also played a little wiffleball as well and did a little boozin' later on after a birthday dinner for Joe. Good times had by all.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Workin' For The Weekend!!

Today was, simply put,shitty. My saving grace was that I got a paycheck and it was Friday.
Saturday I hope will set the tone for next weekend which is a huge weekend. Tomorrow is "Draft Day" for the "Hats For Bats" fantasy baseball league I'm in with my boys. I get to have a homemade breakfast at Adam's with Joe there as well, plus we're all celebrating Joe's birthday that was on Thursday...Happy birthday buddy!!
As I said before, next weekend is the end of all weekends. No, it's not Monster Trucks or anything, this is bigger then any weekend before...well, since last year. I'm talking about SPRING TRAINING 2007! Tempe, AZ here we come!! That town doesn't even KNOW!! GO HALOS!! This is where the road to ANOTHER HALO WORLD SERIES begins. I can't begin to tell you how pumped I am about this. I'm already packed! I have a feeling the coming work week will in fact be the longest ever.
I'll let you know how the picks turn out.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

So, this is me. Hi. Hello.
I told myself that I would never get a Myspace page so after long debate with myself, I decided to go with a blog. All of my buddies have them and, I was kind of feeling left out, plus I can use the writing practice.
I'm going to use this blog as kind of a random dump of my thoughts and things that come up within my life and of course your input is always it free counseling if you will, not that I need it.
Ok. That's it for now.