Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was reminded the other day of my good friend Adam when turning into a parking lot and discovered that indeed I was entering in the exit. While driving home from camping this past winter he told me of a line that Quagmire said from The Family Guy, "Every exit is an entrance! Giggity-Giggity- Goo!"

Friday, February 1, 2008

Jackpot Trail

This coming election we get to vote on one of many props in the great state of California. The four I want to talk about are the California Indian gaming props 94, 95, 96, & 97 that I believe would do our state some good. We all like money and we all know there is plenty of it out there in the gambling/gaming worlds. The state of California has let the gaming industry blossom into a billion dollar cash cow that has put money in the economy, schools, and infrastructure to make this state even more powerful than it has in the past.
Although the damn television commercials come on every single time (how much could they save by not running an ad every 5 seconds throughout the state...on every channel?) there is a break, I can't see the reason someone would not want to vote for it. More money for the state is a good thing right? I know that the casinos will profit from it but that’s what a business should do. Not only will the casinos get more, the surrounding communities that they are in will profit because people come out there and spend not only at the casino, but local shops and restaurants.
There is an opposition to it, and this is the only argument that I have heard from them against it, is one that says these props are unfair to the rest of the tribes in the state because there is nothing in there that says they get a cut of the action. Boo-freakin-who! Hey welcome to America, Pal. You want to start a casino and get yourself a little bit of the cash go ahead. The little guy in the copy business doesn't piss and moan that FedEx Kinkos isn't giving him a cut of their bottom line. I think sometimes this attitude is going to be the downfall of this society, this attitude of "That's not fair, I'm not getting my part handed to me."
Get a job, Bum...and cool it on the commercials.