Sunday, October 7, 2007

Until Next Year...(Shit!)

So, today the Angels got hammered by the red sox 9-1, killing the Halo's season and hopes for another World Series title. I am upset. The way I see it they owe me. They owe me and all the Halo Faithful that spent their hard earned money at the Big A this season. I am an upset customer of the product that has been dished to me.
2 outs, runners on second and third, Vlad comes to bat. What sucks is that Anderson left the game due to a pink-eye attack and Willits now bats in his spot, behind Vlad. 4 balls to Vlad, Willits up and he pops out to the catcher. In this moment I would have given back all the foam fingers, ice cream helmets, pennants, t-shirts and whatever else I have bought over the last 20 plus years for another hitter. I don't want to be an armchair quarterback here but if someone in the front office didn't realize at that point that we needed another basher to back up Vlad then I don't know what the hell is going on and I don't know if I can take another year of this. Someone please, please, pull the trigger and get someone that will help, and damnit, not another washed up, over the hill former super-star. I would love to see A-Rod for example playing third base next season. I would rather not make the playoff then make it just to be embarrassed in the playoffs on national TV...again.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

4-0, 9 hits...W.T.F.? What happend to this Big John? That's what I want to know.