Monday, September 28, 2009

Bill Brasky???

I was shopping for a costume when I came across this guy, that is on the cover of a costume in a bag, who looks very similar to my friend Mike "Bill Brasky" Burns...and what an appropriate costume for a Brasky sighting...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We had a setback the last few weeks. A body scan found a mass located in the pelvis region that connects with the spine. This put the pain on again and when the MRI report came back there were so many things wrong that it filled 2 pages. He began to fall because the mass was pressing on the sciatic nerve which weakened his right leg to the point that even with the walker he could barely get around on his own. I was soon picking him up off the ground at least once or twice a day.

On Labor Day night I looked at my mother and she looked back at me and we realized that we couldn't do this anymore. We took him to the hospital that night and admitted him. He was in there for a week and just today was moved to a nursing home where he can get treatment.

New Job (location)...

I'm in my second week at my new location the district put me at for the foreseeable future, so far so good. The G.O.C. (Guidance Opportunity Classes) is a two room campus where students who have committed offences (choking out a teacher, selling drugs, bringing a weapon to campus) and have been deamed unsafe at the time to be on a regular campus untill they have showed they are able to go back to the regular population. Basicly I'm running a small holding facility. Right now I read the L.A. Times alot. The students, 9 boys, 3 girls, haven't figured me out yet...just the way I like it.