Monday, May 21, 2007


My plan for becoming a wealthy man without much work is beginning to take effect. My girlfriend got a healthy raise today at her I got that going for me, which is nice. I'm proud of her though. She's getting her masters in Marriage and Family Counseling and has only about six classes left...Smell that? MMMMMmmmm, Angels season tickets!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

And Another Thing...

This past weekend (April 28-29) I saw one of my best friends, Adam, and his lovely wife up in San Francisco where my special Ladyfriend and I went for the weekend to see one of her old college roommates. We went to an Italian place that was wedged between a "massage" parlor and a sex shop. Oh, and across the street was the "House of Ecstasy" and right next to that was Larry Flint's "Hustler Club" that had a neon flashing girl that was naked and red all over. Adam happen to notice that the admission was free that night...of all the people.

The food at the Italian place was great, wine was great, and the conversation with good friends was a "happy ending" that all of us enjoyed. I felt kind of sad that Adam had to drive from San Jose just for dinner but none the less it is always wonderful to see him.

One of my other best friends, (yeah i have 3 best friends, I said it!) John, let me in on the fact that he was loosing his job in June. They used the classic "It's not you, it's me." excuse. Boy, if I had a buck for every time I heard that one... But I know John will bounce back. I think, and he agrees, that this is good for him. I think what he needs to work on is his writing. It's what he really wants to do with himself. Chase the dream!

Speaking of chase the dream, as mentioned before in my wish list, Scott "Conrad" Palcifer gets a run at his tomorrow at Long Beach City College where he will be trying out for the Long Beach Armada. Although I can't make it to watch him, it's where I really want to be.