Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So, this happened...and on the way, unbeknown to me, to my surprise birthday party. I don't know if everyone is aware of my feelings for this vehicle. It is my first one that I have ever bought without help from anyone. It is mine. Have you ever put on a pair of shoes that just felt perfect? Or sat in a big leather chair you just melted into? It was like slipping my hand into my old baseball glove, just perfect. Or for you ladies, like walking by something and seeing it in the window and knew you had to have it. That was the feeling I had when I sat in this Jeep for the first time. I just felt good. Top of the world. The best thing is, now I have an excuse to build it up! *wink!*

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coldcase Evidence?

One night my good friend John woke to the gut wrenching cries of Mr. Frodo, one of his cats, laying in a back alley of his apartment building after apparently falling out of the second story window. Until now it was believed to be either a) a horrible accident, or b) a suicide attempt.

Yes, we all know Mr. Frodo has a drinking problem:
And is known to beat on his live in girlfriend from time to time:
As a direct effect from the partying and long time alcohol abuse it could be determined that Mr. Frodo could have fallen out of that window after drinking heavily and he had a dispute with his girlfriend hours before. This was the accepted situation of events until I was digging through old photos and found this little gem:
This photo was taken 2 nights before the accident, and it is no secret that Joe dose not like Johns cats. From this photo it looks like Joe is sizing up the window, the window sill, and the back alley, and right in front of Mr. Frodo's father.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Joe Jost's and The F*ckin' Frenchman

I get a call on Saturday morning from my bank (Thanks Washington Mutual!) that someone has tried to withdraw $470.17 from my checking. They ask if I had attempted this transaction and if I didn't, I need to freeze the account. I freeze the account.

I try to call the debit card fraud hot line and get no response after "Waiting for the next available associate to assist me..."on hold for almost 2 hours. I finally hang up and decide to go to my local branch and see what I can do in person. It is 1:45pm and WaMu shuts the doors at 1:00pm.

Now I am going somewhat crazy because I don't know what is going on and I'm thinking about all the money I have in my savings saved up for the wedding and how horrible that would be to lose all my coin.

I do nothing on Sunday...if they are not going to answer on Saturday, why try?

Monday after noon I revisit the hot line and get an associate after being on hold for about 2 minutes. He says someone in Paris, France has tried to access my account from an ATM there but didn't get the money because the computer at WaMu H.Q. detected that I had accessed my account at Joe Jost's here in Long Beach 8 hours earlier. The computer put 2 and 2 together, figured that I can't get from Long Beach to Paris in 8 hours, freezes the account and the Frenchman doesn't get shit!

Joe Jost's, cold beer, great sandwiches, they protect your money, and fight with you against the French! That's not on the menu, but should be.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Joke I Heard Today...

A father happens to go into his son's room and finds him masturbating. The father yells at the shocked kid, "Hey! Quit doin' that or you'll go blind one day!"
The kid replied, "Hey Dad, I'm over here."