Sunday, November 18, 2007


So I know its been a few since the last post. Sorry about that. It is not lack of stuff to write about I know that fo sho. Lets begin:

Oct 27: SHE SAID YES!!!
I asked my special lady-friend to be my special lady-wife and she accepted. I did it on the Queen Mary here in the wonderful city of Long Beach. Now the fun begins with planning this party. Any ideas please e-mail me.

Nov 10: 10 YEARS!!! 10!!
I went to my 10 year reunion and there was only about 40 people there. It was sad. But the meal was great! I saw my high school sweetheart and met her husband of 10 years. I thought it would be a little more weird then it was. It was great to hang out and talk about old times. I left early and met up with a group of old high school friends that was hanging outside the reunion at the hotel bar. We went to the Alud Dubliner and then to a neighborhood hangout that we all frequent, Tracey's.

Nov 18: TODAY!
I realized yesterday that the places we were looking at for wedding/reception sites were way out of the budget. Dropping $40k for a 6 hour show is outrageous and I cant see why or how people get away with some of the charges they charge. Example, $20 cork fee. This is a $20 charge just to open a bottle of wine, 5 bottles you got $100 right there. Cake Cutting fee, the average for this is around $5 per slice! Whoever you hire to cater the event charges you $5 a slice to cut it out and deliver the slice to whomever is going to eat it. Chair Covers, don't get me started...$5-7 per cover, per chair just so you cant see the chair.
We've looked at around 6 places and everyone puts the cost for the wedding and reception around $25,000. This is without, photography, D.J., cake, rehearsal dinner, hotel rooms for out of town guests, tux, groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts, and honeymoon.
I know that you cant put a price on love, but give a brotha a chance!