Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Although I have never been in the Armed Forces and sometimes I don't always agree with what they do, I have always had respect for a person that put on a uniform to fight for the United States of America. Today is Memorial Day, a day that we should stop and reflect somewhere between the burgers and dogs about the true meaning of why we have this special day. Everyone will do different things in their own way to show thanks to our men and women who have made that ultimate sacrifice. Today there are parades and ceremonies, and grave side salutes, as for me I think I will just sit for awhile in quiet and think about what it is to be an American, and the men and women that this day is for.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Long Time, ehh?

Long time no see. It has been awhile. I had a lot going on in my life but nothing I wanted to put down on the web...I amend that last statement. I have a few things. Let’s get going...

Married, Day 47: I'm almost comfortable with the ring on my finger, I like it, it makes me feel like I'm worth more, like I have some reason to be here on this Earth. Not that I didn't before but now there is someone that relies on me to be there. I'm the head of my own family, all be it a small one, but none the less, my family.

UPDATE: My dad is in the hospital again. The last few weeks have been tough for the guy. The chemo is starting to finally kick in and as a result his white blood cell (the ones that fight infection) count is very low. He is not eating that much but seems to be out of pain for the most part. Everyone that comes in contact must wash their hands before coming in the house, and just generally stay clear of the guy. He went into the hospital because he was low in the blood department too. Apparently this chemo somehow helps somewhere, but it is now affecting the bone marrow, and the bone marrow is what makes blood. He went in Tuesday for two bags of the red stuff and ended up getting just under four over two days. Mom reports back that he is looking a lot better just after the blood went in.

John Kumpart gets married!!: We all met in South Dakota to witness the marriage of two of the greatest people I know. We did Deadwood, Rushmore, and danced the night away. Good times, King!
* Side note: Don't anyone ever ask me to do a Best Man speech ever again...fucking horrible. I've known the guy for 16 years and I spoke about him like I sold a used car to his uncle 7 years ago. Sorry, man. I love you.

I'm having a garage sale this weekend. Should be good times. If you want to sell something, get your stuff and bring it. Shop opens at 8am Saturday.