Monday, August 20, 2007

From The Ashes!!

I start school tomorrow. It’s my third go-round at college and should be my last. I just transferred from National University to University of Phoenix where every time I call with a question about something it’s not like calling the cable company. This morning I got a call from them and it was two people on the phone at the same time! I talked to Kate, my Academic Counselor, and Debi, my Finance Officer. Good people.

My first class is an intro class that I guess even if you’re going for your Doctoral you have to take. It basically is a class that helps you get to know the system that UP uses and how to write all the papers (they only accept APA format).

But, I am looking forward to one day becoming the first Burroughs with a college degree and I can’t wait just to get this over with. I know, bad attitude coming in, but school was never my thing. I just know that in order to go anywhere in life I need it, so I will take a bite.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back Home...

I find myself home 10 days early. My dad and I drove straight home on Sunday from Portland because my dear mom was feeling ill. As some of you know (or don't) my mom had a double bypass about 25 years ago and sometimes the ol' ticker still acts up on her. Dad and I made a decision to high-tail it home in time for her Dr. Appointment, cutting the trip in more than half. I will inform you that yesterday she went in for test and all came back "all good", and yes, that is the way the doctor said it.

Final Numbers:
Miles:....................... 2,513.
Days:........................ 7.
Baseball Games:..... 2.
Cash:........................ $300.

Obviously my most disappointing stat is the amount of games that we saw. We had two plans for coming home. The first was hitting up Reno to watch the Silversox, and then possibly Vegas, then Phoenix. The other was to come back on I-5 and hit all the minor league towns on the way home.

All in all I guess it was a good trip. It was great to spend time with my dad and see some family. By the way for those who were wondering, I did in fact call Mike “Bill Brasky” Burns when I was in the greater Portland area. I had four tickets to the Portland Beavers game and we were set to go Sunday before knowing about my mom.