Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Survey Says!!

This Just In has never done a survey. I’m going to change that…because I can. As were all aware of ‘Project Jeepers Creepers’ is coming to a close. After four months of being in the garage taking parts off, fixing the ones I could, and putting new parts on, she is rolling again. I have actually been driving her to work for the last few days even with the hood, grill, and fender primer color here is the survey:
I went to Earl Scheib to get an estimate, $326 to paint the hood, grill, and fender “stone white” again to match what is on there now…

Or I can get the Jeep completely redone in the color I really wanted in the first place, gunmetal gray…

Of course this color will cost $490, without painting the inside. If you’re wondering what I will be doing with that, I will be gutting the inside, carpet and everything, and using a roll on bed liner to seal the tub and make it easy clean up ready, reinstalling just the seats and middle console.
Your answer to what I should do…

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UPDATE: Operation Jeepers Creepers

Worked on the Jeep this past Martin Luther King Jr. weekend...and it was good.

I attached the fender flair, side markers, support bars that come from the fire wall to the grill, did an oil change, and added new coolant to the system just before starting the girl up again after three months. I turned the key and...Sweetness. She fired up like nothing happened.

After driving it around the block a few times to get the juices flowing again and to test the steering to see if it was damaged (luckily it was not), I checked the belts, hoses, all the wiring. I attached the hood back on the hinges and then ran into the only snag in the rebuild. The hood won’t go down all the way. It is hitting the top of the radiator, so I need to check and see if it can be adjusted somehow. So close to getting the paint and completing Operation Jeepers Creepers!

Side Note: my cousin Ted that lives in Oklahoma had a soft top on his he used for only a few months before going the hard top route. He said the nearly new top is in the mail (I just had to pay for shipping!)!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Official...

The New York Yankees officially announced this guy is their newest Douchebag.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Years everyone! It was another great new year's party that I went to last night at "The King's" palace in west L.A. This coming year is a huge one for me. I'm getting married in 3 months, going on a two week honeymoon to Europe (The U.K., Ireland, and Scotland), hopefully get a new job, look in to buying a home, and possibly try to start a family. No one can say that I don't have a full plate. I'm really looking forward to getting married. It should be a hell of a party and for those of you that are invited; I can't wait to see you. For those who didn't get an invite…blame Jen. Her number is (949)..............................(just kidding Babe!)