Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Missing The Game...

The old game waits under the white, deeper then the frozen grass, down below the frost line, it waits to return...

  - Donald Hall.

I, for one reason or the other this off season, am missing baseball like no other.  I am looking forward to spring. I am looking forward to seeing my boys run onto the grass, to redeem last season, and just maybe, get back into the post season.

Baseball also makes me think of my dad.  We had such a bond through this game. If not talking about it like two armchair managers, we would play catch, or we would debate (argue) about some play, player, situation, trade, release and everything else about the game.  Sometimes we wouldn't talk at all while watching the game but just sit in silence for almost 3 hours, the connection just the same.   When I sit and watch a game it's mostly now in silence, it feels like he is sitting there with me. When the game is being played I feel closer to him then any other time...

...hurry up spring.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Under Construction...

I'm pulling stuff (pictures mainly) together and will hopefully launch "Blair Field Project" in a few weeks.  In the mean time, if you think of anything better for a title, stories that involve you (must also involve baseball in some way) send them to me and I will post them here for all to see.

Email your stories to : under the subject  "baseball story"

cant wait to hear from you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mixed Bag

- Its been awhile, not by design, but just that fact that there has been nothing that I wanted to really write about that everyone didn't know about already. There has been a ton going on and I wouldn't even know where to begin to play catch up.

..... come to think of it, does anyone even read this anymore?

I guess that would be a great place to start.

- I was thinking about revamping the blog. A complete change in the look and subject. I am thinking about starting a Blair Field blog. Almost everyday that I go to work there is something that is talked about, stories or jokes told, or something happens that I would like to share. There has been a lot of improvements to the field since Long Beach State took the stadium over, much of which I am proud to say that I helped build. The blog would be a place where all of these topics would be represented. I don't know if its a great idea or if people would even enjoy me sharing it. Just a thought in the works.

- Jen and I can't wait to move out of our apartment. We have just over 4 months left on our lease. We would like to either find a 2 bedroom apartment back at our old place or, if I get a good enough paying job in those 4 months, rent a house somewhere close. We are done with the college life that surrounds us almost 24 hours a day. If anyone wants a game of Beerpong I can hook you up with one of about 10 to 15 being played at any given time within the complex.

- Which brings me to the job search. I'm shifting gears. I was laid off in July with the school district and in a way its kind of a blessing for me the way I see it. I'm no longer in my comfort zone and it is forcing me to find something else to do. I want to be able to provide for my future family and being a security officer at a school district won't do it... nor will being a college baseball field maintenance worker.

- Thats all for now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

What The Hell is Going On?

I just got home, fired up the TV to watch a bit of MLB Network when this guy right outside my patio starts talking on the phone. I believe he is from the Middle East because he was not speaking Spanish. About 3 minutes into his conversation he gets all fired up and starts talking louder. I allow this to continue for about 3 or 4 more minutes and then something snapped in me. I walked to my door, went outside to simply ask him to either pipe down or move the conversation somewhere else. He sees me and the following interaction ensues:

Him: "What are you looking at, Friend?"

Me: "I was just going to ask you if you could go somewhere, other then right outside my window, and talk on the phone."

Him: "This is a free country! I can talk where I want!"

Me: assuming a shocked look on my face " Are you really going to go there with me because you don't want to."

Him: Looking at me.

Me: Looking at him.

Him: Turns and walks away.

Now I hope I just didn't start something long term, my lease doesn't end until February.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Black Hobbit

We have this guy that lives next to us. I call him "The Black Hobbit." If you can imagine a black dude that lives up to any and every stereotype that comes with a black guy despite the fact that he's 5'4" and 130 soaking wet.

  • Do-rag...check.
  • Baseball cap to the side...check.
  • Size XXXXL t-shirt...check.
  • Size XXXXL basketball shorts...check.
  • Shoes that are not only spotless but coordinate to the color of the outfit...check.
  • T-Mobile "Sidekick" phone where he tends to talk to his "Bitch" (yes I have heard him tell someone on the phone he needs to call her)...check.
  • Swisher Sweet cigars...check.
  • "50 Cent" CD playing at almost all times of the day...check.
I wish I could get you a picture, and myself some ear plugs....G-UNIT!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Year One...

I often wake up in the middle of the night and am surprised that she hasn't caught on to me yet. What did I do to deserve such a woman? She puts up with all my shit laying around all over the place, all my sports talk, all my procrastination of just about everything, yet each morning like clockwork, she is there. I truly believe she is the single best thing that could have happened to me. I try to bury the thoughts of what I would have been like had we not met, had we not survived our long distance relationship...twice, and if we just not had the time we had to get it right.

One year ago today we married. This year has beat the hell out of both of us, yet we are still able to love and laugh every opportunity that we have. I never knew what it was really like to love someone, to really give up and let that person take you for all you have to offer...

I am the lucky guy today.

Love you, Beautiful.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Come Back...

I'll be with you shortly. I have stuff coming up that I would love to share with all of you, but just can't seem to find the time to sit down and write it all out. Here is a little preview though...
  • graduating in 10 weeks
  • spread some of dads ashes
  • one year wedding anniversary
  • new job?