Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Gone Wild

Saturday: We were all set to go to Big Bear for the day and hang out with some friends, do a little playing in the snow, some cocktails at Snow Valley, and watch people wipe out on the slopes. It was canceled, but that was ok. Jenn and I took advantage of the open day and drove up to her brothers to spend the evening with her family, see their new house and, not to mention, celebrate his wife’s birthday…awesome Mexican food place. When I got home I put the Focus up for sale on Craigslist too.

Sunday: We were invited to take a trip down Mexico way with some friends to a little village by the sea called Puerto Nuevo (about an hour or so south of Tijuana) where the village money maker is their right out of the water lobster. Holy mother of god…I have never had a dinner like this before in my life. Fresh lobster tails for $19.99 each. We ordered 5, and along with the big bowl of rice and beans, fresh salsa, tortillas, and the 6 beers the total bill came to $116.00! You can’t beat that anywhere in the states, I dare you to try.

I got home and checked the email only to discover that I had three contacts about the Focus. I called the first guy only to find out that he had just bought a car and was driving home in it. What kind of guy emails someone about buying a car at 2pm and is driving home in a completely different one buy 7pm? He shopped for a car, found mine, emailed me about it, decided I was taking too long to get back to him, shopped for another car, talked to that guy, got the money, met him, bought the car, did the paper work, and was driving home in 5 hours? Guess I need to speed things up a bit.

Good news is I got a hold of the guy in the second email. He was from Fresno and just left the greater L.A. area to go back home. We made a deal to meet half way on Monday to do some business.

Monday: I had the day off for Presidents day A.K.A “Deal Day”. Jenn gets into the Focus; I get into the Jeep and hit the road for Bakersfield and then we find out The Grapevine is closed. The guy who is buying the car gives me a call and we decide to meet in Tehachapi instead. As we are leaving Long Beach it is pouring rain and it continued up until we got to Tehachapi, then it started to sleet and snow. I met Kevin in a Home Depot parking lot, where all was good, he wanted to buy the car and I wanted to sell it to him. We drove over to the local Tehachapi smog shop (lovely this time of year) and made good on the deal. $2,350 cash…American. I know, I know, I said I was selling for $3,000 but I really needed to unload the car and this was the first guy that said “I have the cash.”

Driving home, we hit every road condition you could think of…rain, sleet, snow, and then hail, then crazily enough, dry road after passing the Getty. Here is one picture I took:

So, here is to a great but non-restful weekend. I have a 4 day week to look forward to before this next one.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mo' Money!?

Let everyone know, "The Silver Bullet" is on sale. 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 Kona Edition, 42k miles. $3,000. I posted an ad on Craigslist if you want to look into it a little more. I need the cash to help out in the savings department.