Saturday, April 5, 2008

Welcome Back...

It just came to me that I didn't post anything about the start of the greatest season of the year. Enjoy:

Check out some of the other clips after this clip is done...good stuff.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Weekend Was A Thing of Beauty...

Here are some of the photos from this past weekend. I tell you one thing, I was looking forward to going to Hearst Castle because I had heard about how beautiful it is but my goodness the surrounding area is what sets it up more then the castle itself. Beautiful country. Here ya go:

Party in Suit 127!

This is the view from our room, beau-ti-ful.

This is a shot standing on the beach looking back at the hills. Someone say Ireland?

We found tide pools (and lunch) Starfish sandwiches...mmm.

This Butt's for you.

This is an old house once belonging to a Captain who sailed the local waters. Now it's a bed and breakfast located in the lovely town of Cayucos, Ca.

A view down the shoreline of Morro Bay from the pier in Cayucos. That big rock sits right in the harbor in Morro, and no, Adam you can't climb it.'s cold.

I could look at a sunset like this for the rest of my days and never get tired of it.

The main "House".

The dining room. Fit for a king.

Nope its not the pool at Caesars, just the main pool at the Castle (1 of 2).

Conrad, they don't like them up here either.