Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mixed Bag...

First off, happy New Year to everyone, this brings me to my first topic of today’s post:  
How long from New Years Day is it acceptable to wish someone a happy new year? Personally, I go one week then I switch it to "How was your New Years?"
Does it matter also if you have a personal or professional relationship with that person?  Meaning if I know the person, does that extend the time of an acceptable happy New Year greeting?   I got a happy New Year from a random person at the bank today that I let go in front of me and it took me off guard.  I started thinking if I saw a good friend or a family member in the same situation would have I reacted in the same way? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for cheer and well wishes but maybe someone should set some etiquette to this situation.   
I received a call from my former employer, Long Beach Unified School District, telling me good news that because of furlough days agreed on by the unions, I could have my job back.  Thing is I’m still torn if I truly want to go back in my heart of hearts. No matter though, I did agree to start back full time next week.  In these times we can’t be picky. A steady paycheck and medical benefits are not to me fussed over.
I was sitting in the first base dugout at work today listening to some of the players talk about how their winter break is going and how sad they are that it’s coming to an end.  Their classes start in about a week and a half for most of them.  I had this complete exhale and feeling of bliss as I realized I am done with school forever unless someone pays me to go get my masters.
I saw “True Grit” last week… wasn't very gritty.  I liked it but, it wasn't what I was expecting.  Something was a bit off and I can’t explain what it was.  Just thought for what it’s worth it was a good film but it lacked something to make it a great film.
How many more “CSI”/ “NCIS” shows can we fit on TV without it blowing up? Here’s the current rundown:
CSI: Crime Scene Investigators (original show set in Vegas)
CSI: New York
CSI: Miami
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCIS: Los Angeles
I’m all in for a good cop show but having 5 shows almost identical to each other in theme seems about ridiculous…and here’s another thing, these shows are popular according to viewer ratings but can you think of someone that you know who watches one of these shows?
I'm disappointed in myself that I only posted 8 times in 2010.